Green Family Kennel

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take credit cards?

No. At this time we accept only cash or checks made out to Green Family Kennel.

What are your hours for visitation?

See Contact Us - Visitation by appointment only and closed on Sundays.

What is the most effective way to contact you?

Email. We are not always at the computer. Gotta take time to care for the dogs themselves, but we do our best to answer email in a timely manner.

Are the puppies socialized?

Yes. They are played with every day, and are socialized with other puppies.

Are your adults health checked?

Yes. We have a vet check knees and hearts on all dogs. For our Springers, Hips are x-rayed and OFA certified after dogs turn two years old.

How long have you been in the business?

Since 2004.

Do the dogs have space to run?

Yes, all of our dogs are in big open pens, which allow them to run around, and we also allow them to roam our 40-acre yard. Therefore, they get lots of exercise.

Do you take deposits before puppies are born?

No. Puppies are not made available until 6-7wks old.

Is the $150 deposit refundable?

We do reserve the right to decide whether to keep the full deposit should the customer cancel.

Do you have a waiting list?

We have a Notification Email list. These emails are sent when the pups are made available. (Generally on Saturday mornings at 10am) The puppies will then be sold on a first come first served basis after the email has been sent. Regardless of how long one has been on the list everyone has the same chance of speaking for a puppy. We have deemed this method is the fairest and least complicated. 

Can we pick out a puppy without visiting?

Yes. We do verbal sales by email.

How early do you allow puppies to go home?

Puppies can go home at 9 weeks or older.
Smaller pups (under 4lbs) will be kept longer until we give the O.K. to go home.

Once we pick out a puppy, do you allow us to come visit our puppy before it is ready time to come home?


What dog food do you use?

Adults are fed Kirkland Signature Super Premium Chicken, Rice and Vegetables from Costco 
Puppies are fed Kirkland Signature Nature's Domain Puppy Chicken & Pea Formula 

Is there a boarding cost to pick up the puppy past the earliest pickup date?

If picked up within 15 days of being ready to go home there is no boarding fee. If you need, we can keep your pup longer. The first 15 days are free and then a $10/day charge thereafter.

How do you know what size the puppies will be when full grown?

It is still a guess but the following considerations can be factored in: parent’s size, sex of puppy - males will be on average a few pounds bigger, and comparison to the other littermates.

Do you ship puppies?

We do not ship puppies. However, you are more than welcome to fly out and come pick the puppy up yourself.
You will need to purchase a one-way ticket for the puppy, which can run upward of $125 plus an approved collapsible crate ($20-$60) that is placed under your airplane seat.

Can we bring our family pet to meet the puppy that we have chosen?

We ask that you not bring other pets to our place. The reason for this is any dog or cat can carry a virus or bacteria and not be noticeably sick themselves. If one of our dogs or puppies would happen to catch this, they would potentially spread this throughout the kennel. If you do need to bring your pet, we ask that you leave it in the car.

Will my puppy be house trained before I take it home?

It will be doggie-door trained.

What house training method do you recommend?

Many professional dog trainers believe that crate training is by far the easiest and most natural way to house train a new puppy.
Dogs, in the wild, will instinctively keep their sleep area (den) clean (not defecate or urinate there) to keep predators away. Like their wild counterparts, domestic dogs are innately predisposed not to soil the area (crate) where they sleep.