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The Cavachon is a popular hybrid breed resulting from the mating of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. These puppies have the following traits:

1.    Hypoallergenic - Cavachons are considered a very low-shedders and do well with allergy sufferers.
2.   Energy and playfulness of the Bichon
3.   Sweet, friendly, and people loving temperament of the Cavalier
4.   Coat colors and markings similar to the Cavalier. (See pics)

Cavachons can vary in size. In general we find that our cavachons are slightly larger than both Cavaliers and Bichons. Our puppies are all registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club.

* There is no such thing as a non-shedding dog. All dog breeds shed including hairless dogs. 

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