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We began our kennel business in 2004 with our six kids. We are a professional breeder of Shelties, Cavachons,  and English Springer Spaniels. 

We live on a farm 30 miles East of the Denver Metro area. Our goal is to raise the highest quality pups. As such, we strive to have our adult dogs tested for the major hereditary problems of the breed. In addition, we have a regular vaccination, worming and pest control program.  All puppies will come with a lifetime chip ID.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has regularly been inspecting  our kennel since 2008 to ensure that we meet the standard for AKC compliance.  We have passed inspection every time.  Last one was done April 2021. We also meet the rules pertaining to the Pet Animal Care and Facilities ACT administered and enforced by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. 

To answer most of your general questions, click on FAQ from the More pull down on the top right.  For specific breed questions, see individual breeds on our website 

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